Venues behind schedule and over-budget

Coming soon?

Already £81 million over budget with four years to go, contractors have fallen up to three years behind on the construction of venues for CG 2014.

Even though no-one likes to be in agreement with a Tory, Glasgow MSP, Bill Aitken, has made a telling point given the usual rocketing budgets of mega sporting events: “Unless a firm hand is exercised, this project could spiral out of control […] Taxpayers need to know which budget will bear the costs and what else will be cut to pay for the increased costs”.

The report on which The Herald story was based also noted that: “The experience of previous major capital projects is that there is a high risk of slippage, therefore these should also be closely monitored.”

“A high risk of ‘slippage'”!?: in other words watch out for yet another raid on public budgets to pay for yet another ill-conceived, over-expensive, vainglorious pageant.   The Olympic Games budget in London has gone from £2 billion to £9 billion – £7 billion over budget! That won’t happen to the same degree in Glasgow, but just remember the motto of large-scale development: ‘public pain, private gain’.

That is, unless people get organised and start fighting for something better.