Urgent Update: Margaret Jaconelli

On Tuesday 15th March Margaret Jaconelli, a home-owner in the way of development for the Commonwealth Games Village, had her second appeal to remain in her home rejected at the Court of Session. After appealing this decision, the Court of Session will now hear on the morning of Thursday 17th March whether an appeal can be heard and if the eviction order will be upheld. Margaret Jaconelli waits anxiously with her family for a chance to have her case heard properly.

This last-gasp appeal is all that legally stands between Margaret Jaconelli being evicted from her Dalmarnock home at 12.00 noon tomorrow, Thursday 17th March, under compulsory purchase powers by Glasgow City Council. However, Margaret Jaconelli has vowed to resist that eviction should it proceed, and many people have agreed to support her in that resistance.

At a time when the eyes of the world are on Glasgow in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games, the physical eviction of a grandmother in the way of development is an embarrassment to civil society. As a matter of urgency, we call on the City Council to adequately compensate Mrs. Jaconelli for her home, the cost of relocation, the expenses she has incurred in legal fees, and the cost of exorbitant heating bills as a result of the deterioration of the block around her as it is prepared for demolition.