Residents 'barricaded in' by Glasgow 2014 fence

Residents ‘barricaded in’ by Glasgow 2014 fence

From The Scotsman, 5th June

Residents say they have been ‘barricaded in’ by huge steel security gates in their street for the forthcoming Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Those living in the area say an eight-foot fence put up by the organisers has disrupted their everyday lives and forced them to park up to a mile from their homes.

The fence was erected as a security measure and borders the Athlete’s village.

Disabled ex-steelworker John McGregor, 59, lives in Springfield Road, one of the worst affect areas between the arena and the Athletes’ Village.

He said: ‘It’s an absolute disgrace. We’ve been caged in like animals.

‘We’ve been told not to park in our driveways and I now have to park my mobility car about a mile away. It’s difficult for me because I have trouble walking.

‘We haven’t been consulted about any of this. And surely they could have built the nearer the kerb rather than down the middle of the road?

‘The least they could have done was offer us tickets to the opening ceremony, or a reduction in council tax payments.’

The father-of-three added: ‘It’s depressing. The organisers have given no thought as to how this fence is affecting local people.’

Great-grandmother Adele Duncan, 79, said: ‘It’s really inconvenient, especially for the older folk here.

‘I know the games are happening but it’s like we are barricaded in. It’s like a jail.

‘People have been told not to use their own driveways so they’re having to park up sidestreets a fair way away.’