Potential health ‘legacy’ of CG2014 unproven

Healthy legacy?

A recently published report by Gerry McCartney et al in the  British Medical Journal (BMJ 2010; 340: c2369) has cast serious doubt on the potential health benefit ‘legacy’ of the Commonwealth Games 2014.

Their report analysed fifty-four studies assessing the health and socioeconomic impacts of major multi-sport events on the host population between 1978 and 2008.

Their conclusion:

“Our review found insufficient evidence to confirm or refute expectations about the health or socioeconomic benefits for the host population of previous major multi-sport events. Benefits from future events—such as the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in London or the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow—cannot be expected to occur automatically”.

“There is a lack of evidence on the impacts of major multi-sport events on the host population, and until decision makers include robust, long term evaluations as part of their design and implementation of events, it is unclear how the costs can be justified in terms of host population benefits”.

The Scottish Government commissioned the report, but when they saw that the results didn’t conform to the outcome they wanted, they refused to publish or own it. You can read the full text below and make up your mind about the findings:

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