Petition - Atos to be removed from DWP medical assessments

Petition – Atos to be removed from DWP medical assessments

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

Atos to be removed from the DWP medical assessments

for NURSES not to be used in assessments

For ATOS to be investigated by an independent body for negligence and corruption

For ATOS to pay compensation to all those who have been physically and mentally affected by them if found they are at fault

If it is found ATOS they have been negligent in their duties we also ask that a independent investigation is carried out within the governments DWP office and of the MP who is responsible for overseeing this part of state as they will have failed to notice this injustice after 2 years in office.

For the DWP to be investigated for discrimination, neglect, misconduct not only with ESA but with JSA
sanctions , denials & appeals need to be looked into

for the DWP to provide detailed information on their statement “this is what the government says u need to live on” how is it broken down and how did the government come to this figure?

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