Jaconelli Family Evicted: Some ‘Legacy’

Jack and Margaret Jaconelli: Evicted From Their Home

After kicking up a huge fuss and reavealing the hypocrisy behind Glasgow City Council’s ‘Legacy’ claims for the Commonwealth Games 2014, the Jaconelli family were finally evicted today at around 7.20 am after Sheriff officers and ‘dozens’ of police arrived at 5.00 am.

The Jaconelli’s have been barricaded in their home now for nearly a week after a last-minute offer of ‘mediation’ by the Scottish Government was rejected by the City Council unless the Jaconelli’s left their home. The City Council have repeatedly said that the gap between their offer and the Jaconelli’s demands was ‘unbridgeable’, yet as we’ve repeatedly pointed out, enormous compensation fees for speculators like Charles Price have been quite happily ‘bridged’ by the City Council. The double-standards are there for everyone to see.

There is much more to be said about this case (and we will say it all in time) but for now we want to congratulate the Jaconelli’s and their family, friends and supporters for fighting back against a City Council who would happily have walked all over them.

We’ve said all along that mega-events like the Commonwealth Games are more about land-grabs, than helping the local community; more about property speculation than social housing; more about the image of the city than its reality. Close observers of the Jaconelli struggle have now seen the truth of those observations. The City Council will now try to bury this story, but we have a feeling its going to run on and on…

Family and Friends