Jaconelli Eviction Update: Tuesday March 22nd

Eviction Blockade

Update: The Jaconelli family have been barricaded into their home since Thursday 18th March, with extra fortification added on Friday 19th March. Their solicitor, Mike Dailly from the Govan Law Centre, continues to seek open dialogue with the City Council. The Scottish Government have offered to mediate, but so far the City Council have refused all mediation unless the Jaconelli’s leave their home. Of course, the Jaconelli’s have rejected this offer as it takes away the only bargaining tool they have.

Family and friends remain committed to defending the Jaconelli home, and the press presence remains high. Meanwhile the police have added surveillance cameras in the area and taken down people’s names and the registration numbers of their cars. They seem committed to embarrassing themselves in front of everyone rather than being reasonable and offering the family the compensation that is rightfully theirs.

Hands Off My Home