Citizens Summit in Dalmarnock

Accord Centre Protest

A gathering took place on Monday 23rd May in Dalmarnock. Margaret Jaconnelli and other local citizens affected by Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO’s), and the Save the Accord day centre campaigners along with their supporters met with the new SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason. They discussed the negative impact of the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village site CPOs, the East End Regeneration Route CPOs, and the proposed closure of the Accord Centre – a vital local day centre for adults with disabilities.

Margaret Jaconelli informed the group that of the six properties compulsorily purchased only one has received compensation. We understand this to be a relative of the sitting Labour councillor George Redmond who just happens to be a member of the Planning Committee and Commonwealth Games Board.  Just coincidence?

The discussion centred around why compensation could take so long to be granted for small businesses and homeowners with little money. Supporters emphasised to John Mason the broader issue of injustice at stake here. Just like Donald Trump and the people who live on the Menie Estate in Aberdeen (see post below), it is one law for the super rich and another for ordinary folk when it comes to Glasgow City Council’s land acquisition activities. People from Dalmarnock described their situation as a total fiasco in the way the City Council had dealt with them over the years.

John Mason agreed to take up some of the cases with Development and Regeneration Services at the council. Those present, and those watching these developments, will await the outcome of these enquiries impatiently. Peoples lives are at stake here, and they have already been treated shockingly.

Demolished Home

Save the Accord attended the meeting in solidarity with those who have been unfairly treated by CPO’s in Dalmarnock, but they also had an opportunity to see how SNP discussions with the City Council were progressing on finding a like-for-like replacement for the Accord day centre which is being demolished to make way for a Bus Park for the Commonwealth Games. The carers have posted a link on their Facebook site to a neighbouring council’s integrated community facility which includes a leisure and day care centre. Surely such innovative, joined-up thinking could have been applied as part of the Games ‘Legacy’, as part of a planning agreement, but alas Glasgow and Dalmarnock are left with a council of very little imagination and indifference to those affected by the Games.

Those present wish to thank John Mason MSP for coming to discuss these matters promptly following his election. We hope that both the SNP and the Labour Party take the issue of the CPO’s, and that of the Accord Centre in hand, and satisfy what is after all only a minimum claim for fair treatment. The Jaconelli family and the carers who used the Accord Centre have shown they are up for the fight – they won’t stop until they get a satisfactory solution.