Re-posted from Vice. Article by Liam Turbett: This July, the Commonwealth Games are coming to Glasgow. The event may be essentially a knockdown Olympics only open to countries that were lucky enough to be colonised by Britain in their recent…

Videos From 'Glasgow's Dirty Laundry' Event

Videos From ‘Glasgow’s Dirty Laundry’ Event

Coverage of Glasgow’s Dirty Laundry Event at Glasgow Green on Saturday 3rd August. Footage from A Thousand Flowers and City Strolls Citizen speaks – Bedroom Tax! Summary Warrants! and things you need to know.

'The Golden Tenement' Free Talk

‘The Golden Tenement’ Free Talk

The Golden Tenement Talk 17 November 2012, 2 – 4pm, FREE Education Room, The People’s Palace This talk will explore the material and social legacy of mega-events such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games with a focus on our buildings…

John Swinney Grilled in Dalmarnock Athletes Village

John Swinney Grilled in Dalmarnock Athletes Village

John Swinney, the SNP Cabinet secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth, had a bit of a surprise when he went to visit the flats for the new Athletes Village at the site where the Jaconelli family were evicted by Compulsory…

Evicted Gran's shock at Scottish Sun Scoop!

Evicted Gran’s shock at Scottish Sun Scoop!

Margaret Jaconelli was surprised today (26.07.2012) to find herself on the front page of the Scottish Sun. She was even more surprised to see how what she’d said had been twisted by the Sun to cook up a typically fabricated story…

Fun and Games, Part 1: In The City of Willies, The Powerless Always Come Last

Fun and Games: Part 1: In the city of Willies, the powerless always come last Kenneth Roy, Scottish Review Glossy corporate image at the front, bit of work still to do at the back: the Tontine Building being made ready…

Biased Games Legacy Debate – Scotland Tonight

On Scotland Tonight the other evening Dr.Libby Porter from the Glasgow Games Monitor challenged the boosterist promotional drivel of both the SNP (Shona Robinson) and the Labour Party (Patricia Ferguson). While they both told us how wonderful everything was going…

Poverty Games – Video Footage


Poverty Games Torch Relay Comes to Glasgow: Full Story!

Should we tolerate our Council pouring millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money into a bottomless bucket for spending on a 10-day party while people face rising unemployment, welfare cuts, homelessness and poverty? Yesterday, 15 March 2012, local people and supporters…

East End Eye 4 – Out Now!

Issue 4 of the East End Eye – a ‘Dalmarnock special’ – is now available as a PDF online. The Eye is the paper voice of Glasgow Games Monitor 2014. We distribute the paper widely in the East End and across the city….