Videos From 'Glasgow's Dirty Laundry' Event

Videos From ‘Glasgow’s Dirty Laundry’ Event

Coverage of Glasgow’s Dirty Laundry Event at Glasgow Green on Saturday 3rd August. Footage from A Thousand Flowers and City Strolls Citizen speaks – Bedroom Tax! Summary Warrants! and things you need to know.

Interview with East End Carers/Save the Accord

Interview with East End Carers/Save the Accord

This is a transcript of an extensive Glasgow Games Monitor 2014 interview with carers from the East End Carers group/Save the Accord campaign. The Accord centre was a day care centre for young adults with severe learning difficulties that has…

Margaret Jaconelli Interview at the Accord Centre Demo

[youtube]   A short interview with Margaret and Jack Jaconelli at the Accord Centre Demonstration on Saturday the 27th of August in Parkhead. Margaret and Jack show their support for the Accord Campaign and give an update on their…

A Tale of Displacement and Struggle

“Just a person in a wee flat”: Being Displaced by the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow’s East End. This is an abridged and edited transcript of an interview with Margaret conducted in her home, in January 2009, by Libby Porter. The…