Clyde Gateway (URC) [Primer #1]

Clyde Gateway (URC) [Primer #1]

Clyde Gateway (URC) [Primer #1]   Urban Regeneration Companies and the government Urban Regeneration Companies (URCs) are organisations that combine the economic and political interests of the private sector and  the local state; they are established by national governments but…

Amazing film - Glasgow (1982) online

Amazing film – Glasgow (1982) online

Someone has recently posted a series of four BBC film episodes about Glasgow online. In fact, the series looks much more closely at the East End of Glasgow in particular. Episodes focusing on the ‘blight’ left behind from the mass…

Atos Kills - and it has Accomplices

Atos Kills – and it has Accomplices

  A recent protest at the Chris Hoy Velodrome highlighted the noxious sponsorship of the Commonwealth Games 2014 by Atos – a French Healthcare company responsible for punitive disability work assessments. Since being awarded the contract in 2008 (under the…

East End Eye Issue 5

East End Eye Issue 5

The new issue of the East End Eye – a ‘Housing Special’ written for us by Glasgow Housing Action – is now available online. In a context of deepening attacks on welfare and the seemingly terminal reduction of social housing, we ask…

East End Eye 4 – Out Now!

Issue 4 of the East End Eye – a ‘Dalmarnock special’ – is now available as a PDF online. The Eye is the paper voice of Glasgow Games Monitor 2014. We distribute the paper widely in the East End and across the city….

Jaconelli Eviction: Myth-Buster

The City Council are determined to evict the Jaconelli family and refuse them adequate compensation. After rejecting the offer of open mediation involving the Scottish Government and insisting that the family must leave their home first before any ‘mediation’ can…

Video found in 2015 near the London Olympics site

Science fiction has a habit of getting closer to the truth than a complict media… land grabs…nothing left behind but debt… view film